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During normal trading hours, all children under 12 must be accompanied by a parent or supervisor at all times.

Admission is not granted to minors without supervision.

All modern games are subject to age evaluation by Pan-European Game Information (PEGI). As such, some games are unsuitable for play by certain age groups. 
All games available to play at One Life Left are appropriate for all audiences before 6pm, with the maximum age restriction in use being the 12+ PEGI rating. After 6pm an 18+ age restriction is applied to admittance. At this time, age-restricted games are available for play. This time may vary dependent on events and activities running on the day.

ID is required as proof of age if you are lucky enough to look under 25. No ID = No admittance.

Some older games may not have official age ratings applied. Wherever possible we judge the nature of their content and realism and apply a common-sense approach to their use.

If you have queries regarding the suitability of the café for your children, we recommend visiting us beforehand to find out further information.